The Art of Corning


Corning Museum of Glass website:

There more I desire to learn about furniture construction the more I feel inspired by all the arts. My wife and I have had a recent desire to be inspired by art and feel that to be great furniture maker I need to know more about art, which can inspire original or traditional thought. So this weekend my wife and I drove to the Corning Museum of Glass and what a wonderful exhibit do they have. I was truly inspired by the contemporary art section and could have spent the whole day there taking photographs. Only thing that I regretted was that we did not have enough time to create our own original glass art, however watching a real craftsman create a vase at their exhibit hall more than made up for it. 


2 thoughts on “The Art of Corning

  1. We went to this museum last summer and we did not have enough time either to do all that it has to offer. I have taken similar photos and found it to be one of the best museums we have been to recently. But it really is in the middle of nowhere but worth the detour. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    1. My wife and I were wondering the something what else is there to do in Corning? But as I did a little more research I did see that Watkins Glenns Falls is nearby and would be something to see I think if your into hiking. Also seems like they have a wine and Jazz festival in the summer time which looks interesting because the glass museum makes light objects for the downtown area. So I think next time we go will be in the summer, but with the little snow we’ve got this year we had to take advantage of the opportunity while we can. Glad you enjoyed the post, but I wish I had a better camera to take photos!

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