Bringing furniture back to life

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When starting off as a wood worker I did not see myself doing restoration work, however I am glad that I have had the opportunity to do it. By restoring furniture I have quickly realized that ups and downs of different finishes and how over time they will break down. And by knowing how the finish and which structural points will break down on you over time has taught me to place more emphasis on such items. Another thing that I learned from this project was the use of a card scraper and a burnisher. When my instructor handed me a set of card scrapers I felt like this would take forever removing all the old shellac, however once I got the hang of it I had to be careful not to take off too much or otherwise I would lose the beautiful patina the wood had soaked in over the years. Also don’t be afraid to make your own cards for small hard to reach spots. In about 10 minutes I made a my own design out of metal and with out that scraper I would have not been able to clean up the intricate veneer parts. And lastly my favorite part about this job was knowing that I saved this old-timer from the garbage heap and re-inserted back into someones life again. Restoration work is often messy and you never forget the smell of old shellac as it fuses into your hair, but I am still looking forward to the next restoration challenge.



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