Artist or Craftsman

Santaro Takahashi chairs

Lately I have been pondering about what is better to be an artist or to be a craftsman! And the conclusion I have come to is both. “Of course” you must be saying, however as I look more and more into furniture makers I do not really see a cross over of these fields. So in the pursuit of being the best furniture maker I can be I have decided to seek out furniture makers who have successfully achieved this combination. The following artists are people I respect as furniture makers and inspire to be more like. 

My favorite furniture maker in the industry is Santaro Takahashi. I was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down and speak with him while vacationing in Japan. One thing that really makes me appreciate his work is that he taught himself. For him to be as succesful as he is in the industry I am sure he must have a wonderful eye for design. The first time I walked into his studio I was mesmerized by all the beautiful handcrafted pieces. This furniture to me reflects its maker it is calming, relaxing, and yet it is very stylish and classy. I feel like all of his furniture I have seen I could grow old in it and appreciate it just as much as the first day I sat in it. (


Another artist I deeply respect is Dennis Young an american furniture maker living in Japan. What I like about this furniture maker is that he was trained in the traditional ways of making furniture and although he does build traditional furniture he also experiments with different styles, but his furniture always holds a presence of class and sophistication to it. (


Peter Wehspann, builds an assortment of interior and exterior pieces for residential and the commercial market. I love how this artist combines simple wood texture with modern design. Peter’s use of metal and fabric give his art an additional touch that is not often seen in furniture construction today. (


Danish, comfy and practical could sum up my artist Andrew Joe. His furniture uses simple and light colors which give it an almost organic and natural feel that I think would lighten up any room. I would love to have one of his high tables to display some of my wifes Danish pottery. (


Pawel Grunert a Polish artist is another unique artist that builds interesting and inspiring art. I like how he uses every day objects and refits them into furniture and art.


Cabinet makers, designers, furniture makers, architects, sculptors and metal workers are all craftsmen, but when they start combing their skill with art they become something a little bit bigger and bring new inspiration and style into all of our lives and that is why I have picked the aforementioned artist as furniture makers I wish to immolate in my own way as I to strive to become a craftsartist.


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