Iwo To (Iwo Jima)


Gazing over at Mount Suribachi from the southern side of the island was a site to remember. Before going to Iwo To I had only knew of it from the history books and what had taken place there. Even then I still did not completely grasp the whole event, but once I had visited the island I have a new profound respect for both the Japanese and American soldiers who fought there. One thing that is interesting about Iwo To today is that pretty much the whole Island is a historical grave site. What I mean by that is that you can still see old tanks, gun turrets, shells and other items left from the battle. Another thing that I found interesting about the island is that it has natural hot springs, hence where the name Iwo Jima comes from Ether Island. Still today the Japanese military uses one of the hot springs as a place for relaxation after work. Well if you didn’t enjoy hot springs so much perhaps you like mango’s. The island has a lot of mango trees as well as other edible vegetation, however you may have to battle with the island’s mukade (centipede). It was an honor to have the oppertunity to go there and to give thanks to both sides of the military who desperately fought for what they believed was right.


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