Philly promenading

The first time for my wife and I to venture out to the city of Brotherly Love. All though we didn’t have much time to see much on our mini exploration I still enjoyed photographing the walk from the restaurant to the parking garage, and if the rest of Philly is this colorful I can’t wait to go back!

Row homes with a sense of flair and a little character can liven up the street. I wish there would have been a little less construction work going on, but I suppose that’s a healthy part of city living.



Well you might not get a back yard but I guess sometimes it would be nice to have a park to lazy about on the weekends. Even more when you got the park all to yourself on such a beautiful day.

I ended up running back and shooting this photo because I love the plum’s blossom color. I only wish that I had a better camera and a little more time to have played around with the photo. Oh well seeing the blossom also lets us know that spring is here. But according to my wife she grew up with a saying in Japan that goes “San Kan Shi On”, which means three days of cold four days of warmth. But some people translate it like one period of cold then warm then cold then warm then cold and finally it will stay warm on the fourth period. I hope that is not the case if so spring might not be here just yet. However, some of you snow exhibitionist may have been a little down this year.

This was the whole reason we went down to Philly to begin with and I almost failed to mention it in my blog. Well if you have the chance to visit Philly and you’re in the mood for some good French I would definitely recommend BIBOU. Bibou is a french bistro so it is not too fancy, however it is quaint and romantic so it is a nice place to go and get a little dressed up on special occasions. The owner was very nice people and take time to speak with all the guest, which left me feeling spoiled by their cooking and appreciated for my patronage at the same time. Last thing I would like to tell you is that is restaurant allows you to bring your own drinks if you so choose too, which in the future I will remember to bring a nice bottle of something to enjoy our dinner to.

And finally while crossing a street I saw this ceramic mosaic on a side of  a building, however getting late at that time gave my Iphone a little trouble and the picture came out blurry. Have you noticed yet I always blame my camera and not the photographer. hahaha. Guess I hope if I complain enough you’ll feel sorry and get me a Nikon D90 or something. hahaha.


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