Pulse furniture conglomeration

A conglomeration of blogs found on the Pulse App has really been a great source of new and upcoming furniture providers. So as someone who enjoys looking at whats new in the industry I have decided to share my finds with you too. Hope you enjoy the a little weird and modern taste.


Top left is a collection of your basic storage units with sharp and seamless doors, which may seem a little odd but I think if mixed in with the right combination of antiques and art you could build a really interesting living space. The photo to the right grabbed my attention because of the ability to change out parts of the table to color cordinate your dinning area. The legs can be removed and replaced with a variety of different colors. Very similar to the tables you could purchase and assemble from Ikea I think but might have a little better design from what I can tell from the photos.


This new table can be seen on display at your local LAX airport. It was designed of course to save space and am curious to when they will build a matching stool that is attached to the wall too. Maybe they already have one? From what I read seems that this table is not your typical wall mounted item since it has a special bracket to ensure stability and strength, however the article did not specify how much weight they could hold, which leaves me curious if 12 children a day hang on that a day how many days till the bolts rip out of the wall. hahaha. Sorry I had a math test today and my mind is still contemplating a couple of the questions. I am sure that if this table was mounted to stud that it would be pretty resilient to breaking.

Image Image

From wild to practical these next two photos grab my attention in different way as I am sure it did yours too. First set of photos are of Chinese designer to takes antique pieces and combines them with modern parts to reinvent new furniture. I have to admit it is not my favorite look, but I am always impressed that someone is trying to find a new style and a use for old furniture. Seeing this type of art opens my mind further to furniture possibilities which is always healthy in this industry. The second photo reminds me of lawn chairs, but I have a large white modern table and think that orange metal chair would blend perfectly with my furnishings. After have lived in Japan for several years I often saw very clean lines, however each space was a blend of grey, white and black with very little color intruduced and now having a large collection of Japanese modern furniture it is fun combining such strong colors into my living spaces. 


 This last photo is of your typical coat rack with the added space for throwing your keys and cell phones, which would be extremely useful in my everyday life. I also like how you can use it to attach magnets so you could post notes, but I guess it could be a little better for the office setting. Maybe its just the orange color that grabbed my interest?


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