Isamu Noguchi art


Isamu Noguchi is one of my all time favorite designers and I happened to come across this photo in my file from when I was in Sapporo Japan last year. The display flooring the museum set up for his work was really cool too. Not sure if you noticed the ply panels under neath the tables but they were very interesting and I think would be easy to build. But come some additional depth to a living area. Time for bed! So hopefully I will dream of working side by side with Isamu Noguchi tonight. Yeah right I’d be too scarred to do anything.


4 thoughts on “Isamu Noguchi art

    1. How about George Nakashima? Are you a fan of his too? I went to his shop a couple of years ago and was so motivated by his work! Of course its a very different style but had a wonderful pressence too!

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