This last weeke…


This last weekend my wife and I did a little traveling around since the weather was just perfect. One of my favorite places to go visit time to time is the small town of Milford, PA ( If you are ever in NEPA (North East Pennsylvania) I would recommend this as a place of interest. Milford is a pretty small place, but they do have a wide variety of things to do if you are only making a day trip out of it. If you couldn’t tell from the photo off to the left already, well Milford is a historical city and and has some pretty remarkable buildings and homes. For instance Grey Towers ( is a mansion that was built for Gifford Pinchot. He was America’s first forester and founder of the USDA Forest Service. He served two terms as Governor of Pennsylvania and is considered the father of the Conservation Movement. In addition to historical sights there are several Bed & Breakfast in the local area all retaining thier historical charms. One such B&B I have been curious about trying out for a dinner is the Demmick Inn since they are known for having good steak. ImageAnother thing of interest in Milford are the local antique malls, second hand shops and cosignment stores. I have a continuous curiosity for old tools and art work so I always enjoy browsing looking for something new… er old I guess, but new to me.  This shop usually has a bunch of really cool old Imagehand tools and I was really fascinated with an old auger bit set they had for sale, but unfortunately it was a little more than I wanted to spend on old bits that are probably better for displaying than for use. If your looking for furniture than I would recommend the store in the next photo below. They are located right on the main street of Milford and even if your not interested in buying you should still walk through there to see what real furniture looks like. I think after seeing this art you would laugh walking into Ethan Allen or any mass produced furniture company.Image Also the building that houses all these old pieces of furniture was an old home at one time so just walking through their show room you see amazing carpentry work throughout the building. But there are also several other shops that run along this building such as art shops, photography studios, book binding, and a contemporary interior decor shop. At the interior decor Upriver Home shop my wife and I usually splurge a little here, because they have a wide variety of goodies so it’s hard not too. And the last place I want to recommend is a bakery down the road the Patisserie They have a wide variety of fresh baked breads and deserts so its always a good place to stop and rest after antiquing awhile. I’d like to mention if your thinking about doing some hiking or back packing you might also be interested in Milford since it is very close to the Delaware river and there are several beautiful waterfalls near by which I will have to post another day. If you haven’t noticed by now there are basically three things that motivate me to want to create or get out and explore {Art, Food and Nature}. Which is funny to me now that I say that because when it comes to furniture I want to primarily build tables for a living. So that pretty much that encompasses all of my passions in one thing. Well speaking of food after spending the day in Milford we decided to drive to Middletown New York and have a nice dinner at a casual American bistro Nina This is a pretty cool restaurant its fancy enough to make it a great date place, but too fancy that it would break your wallet and you should leave with a half of your dinner. If you don’t believe me try their 32oz steak and tell me how much you take home. hahaha. If you order that let me know how it goes I didn’t think I needed that much protein so I went with lamb chops, which was very good and well plated. Another reason we went to Middletown is because there is a second hand shop which is pretty reasonable and has some quality finds. We ended up purchasing an Alvar Aalto vase for about 40$. We looked up the cost of it and it typically goes for around 120$ and up for the size we purchased so I am pretty happy with that. I have been trying to convince my wife to let my use it as a fish tank. hahaha. She doesn’t fall for my Tom Foolery though normally. Iittala Aalto White Vases - Click to enlarge

Anyways if you have any questions about local areas in NEPA or the Tri-state area it would be my pleasure to advise you. Also if your curious about something else I have wrote feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy my post 



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