Lane furniture

The other day my wife and I were out goofing off when we came across a huge thrift store. So I told my wife lets check it out while we kill some time. Every time I’m in a thrift store the first thing I do is go to the furniture section. I love trying to see what goodies I can find. Sure enough there was a really nice lane coffee table Midcentury dovetail piece. Legs were a little loose but nothing a little glue couldn’t take care of! I would also have to refinish the table since someone decided to go ice skating across the top. Hahaha. Not that bad. But I still wonder how people can destroy or damage something so bad. So as bad as I wanted a fun summer task I knew better let this one slide and keep my eyes out for something really worth it! I wish I knew how to upholster there are always such beautiful chairs and couches to keep me busy for a life time! Guess one of these days you guys will have to teach me something. Hope you enjoy!



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