Neglected… But there is hope!

So a couple of days ago I posted about a lane table that with the right care could be brought back to life and could find its way into any contemporary home. Well today I found a couple more guys that could easily spice up any room with the right restoration and attention. If you couldn’t tell my hands are itching for wood working projects, and while I would love to create something new just as much I currently find myself wanting to learn from past furniture makers and find use for these master pieces once more!

I would consider these dressers to be from the art deco period, based on their grain matching and finishing trim, but if you know better I would love to be corrected. Anyways both of these pieces are in pretty good shape however they would need to be re-glued along the dovetails in the drawers and be stripped and cleaned. However, once you’ve done that they would be great pieces, especially the cabinet on the right since its interior carcus is made of cedar to keep those pesky bugs off your clothes.

  Another Idea that I think could find serve you well to remember is that when shopping at salvation army shops you might find some really cool hardware. I like this dresser drawer pull handle. In the past when I was looking up this kind of hardware it would have cost about 10$ for one, while at the Salvation Army I could have gotten 8 handles and a cabinet for 25$. So just wanted to put that out there to my fellow wood workers and as always keep up the love for wood working!


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