Future workshops!!!

If you are a woodworker, metalsmith, artisan,or a hobbyist there is something we all have in common! A designated place to do the things we love to do with unlimited space, storage and equipment at our disposal. While I was in Japan I found several buildings I consider to be ideal space for my workshop and would go off to work each morning with excitement. Here are a few of the places that caught my attention:

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As you can see I want a lot! But currently this is what I’m using and I think this next photo explains the real love of our craft!


I am so thankful that my wife allows and supports my woodworking passion by allowing me to have a work bench in our apartment entry way of our one bedroom apartment, so for now I will be thankful for the adventure I have before me and look forward to the day I can look back and say what a wonderful adventure it was. To all those artisans out there always be thankful to whatever size space you have for you never know where your greatest inspirations may come from!

I dedicate this post to love of crafting!


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