Making the least popular decisions



Our subconscious is a wonderful tool, helping us to manage the menial tasks of day to day, but what happens when it does more than that!

Are you aware of the decisions that you are making?
Can we train our subconscious to support our ultimate desires?

Not that I have the answers for you, however actively asking these questions have help me to redefine my life in a meaningful way!

I urge you if you have a bad habit try to break it, and if you don’t first succeed don’t give up there is always next time! One of these habits I had to break is using the elevator so much at my job and home! I work at a hospital and see people who decide to start using a walker and from there it’s all down hill!

I take the stairs and know that I’m rewarding my future self and that’s enough to help me break the habit! Take care of yourself today for your self tomorrow!

Happy thoughts-

If you curious about my perspective on positive thoughts, nutrition or over all wellbeing check my other blog!


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