The best of both worlds!

This Saturday was a little gloomy in NYC and with the rain it was shaping up to be a nice indoor day at the bench. But, its important to my trade to experience new things and to get out of the house whenever I start thirsting for some new material.

And I am so thankful that I did, because I joined one of my friends at Treehouse on 51st and 3rd avenue for a crash course in coffee 101! In fact that is why I labeled this post best of both worlds because I love a good cup of coffee, but even more thankful to have such a good friend like Danny to explain and give so much information behind the coffee.

Danny takes coffee to another level, and is so full of information its like watching your own private history channel episode on coffee everything. If your in that area or just curious I highly recommend you checking it out and if you want to know more about the coffee I highly recommend you speak with Danny. Oh yeah don’t let me forget if you need a little something sweet to pair with your coffee selection they sale Dough and make their own crepes as well as many other local products from Brooklyn and the NY boroughs.

Hope you enjoy the photos of Treehaus as much as I enjoyed taking them. And Danny thank you so much for your time and friendship. Lots of Love brother!


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