Dreaming of a Home

My WestEastern Home

Over the years I have been dreaming of my perfect future home and while these images are something that I think is close to what I would like to incorporate into my home they are still a little off. But trust me if someone offered me this home today I wouldn’t complain.

So from right to left as you would do it if you reading a magazine from Japan. The first picture of the library and stair well, not sure about you guys but I love books, to read to look at and just their class that they bring to any environment. Bottom right hand picture, is very simple clean modern kitchen area which feels cozy to me and sterile just like I would want my kitchen to be. Top middle picture: Sitting area that offers maximum viewing of nature while keeping the outdoors elements at bay if you desire. Bottom middle: Formal dinning area this would be although it is taking from a traditional Japanese home having the combination of ultra modern and traditional is my greatest joy. In addition to the traditional setting Ive always wanted a home surrounded by nature and that is one this I absolutely love about this dinning area. Top left hand: Very simple Danish modern style with neutral colors really plays to my likes since I want to go wild inside with adding such an array of styles for interior design that I think it would be nice to keep outside humble and sleek. Bottom left: Engawa off the bedroom is a real dream come true I would love to wake up and see nature first thing in the morning. And this room you could relax with the doors open and take in the fresh air or take in some nice sun either way it’s a must have for me! Finally main picture: I picked this picture because I ultimately desire a place in the mountain area and although this home in the picture isn’t my ideal house I do love its architecture ambiance, just prefer the Danish style in the upper left hand corner more!

Hope you enjoyed my future home layout!


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Home

      1. Wow, I love your thinking! I try to surround myself with this type of thinking people! Since I have such positive friends in my life it has made me so thankful and positive! I wish you the best all you do and thanks for your replies!

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