Portfolio for admissions

If you read my last post you will have noticed that I got excepted to Parsons (The New School), so in this post I wanted to share with you the portfolio that helped me to achieve this. Before I start I want to say thank you to my friends and family for your support, and I wanted to thank myself for staying true to my heart and following my dreams! To my friends, family and myself I love you!

Since I applied for the Product Design program my portfolio could consist of the following art pieces;

Photography, sketches, movies, 3 dimensional projects, and any other articles that display creativity

Here are my submissions:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3D Projects-

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Sketches/ Writing/ Computer Design-

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This was not attached to my portfolio but I wanted to share it anyways because if you are planing on applying for Parson or know someone who is you may want to tell them about the scholarship challenge they have, which I truly enjoyed participating in. While I did not win, it was just so much fun playing around with different ideas and having fun creating something. This scholarship challenge is just one of the many reasons I am excited to attend Parsons, they encourage inspiration and individuality from their students! Hope you enjoy the show!


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