Round 2

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Life is so precious and amazing, as we make our journey through this world we have unlimited paths to unlimited destinations. With every new day we have the chance to start our life all over again and set out in a different direction. While returning to school may seem like a small event to some, it means the world to me, because 5 years ago I stood in front of my superior officers who told me that I was living a dream one that would not bare fruit if I separated from my path.

Scared of the unknown life ahead of me, I stepped out into my new life with only the dream that if I followed my heart to what I really wanted anything could be achieved. Often we are told that we won’t succeed by the people we are closest too, because our loved ones F.E.A.R that if they can’t do it you won’t be able to do it! Don’t let this deter you from your dreams, your friends and family while their hearts are in the right place they are missing one key factor love of what you want to do! If you love what you do, you will achieve heights no one else could have ever imagined.





This is your life, live it with passion and love and we will make a better world for one another through our great achievements. As an older man I have been told many disheartening advice, but I have proved them all to be false through pushing through with my dreams and I hope you will take my advice and live for what you desire! While we grow older, never forget that you once where a child who dreamed so many beautiful things, and the only thing stopping you from achieving those adolescent dreams is F.E.A.R.

Finally one last thing I wanted to share with you is a commercial I am sure you have all heard it’s the Folders Coffee commercial, “the best part of waking up, is __________!”, the real answer of course is waking up is the best part. When life gets hard I often remind myself your still alive and have a chance to change your life for what you want!

Best wishes



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