Into the heart of woodworking!

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Perhaps after looking at the photos you may start to wonder why did I label this post as “Into the heart of woodworking!”, well the reason is because not too far from San Fransisco there is a beautiful town with many wonderful people and sights. “FORT BRAGG!” After taking a four hour drive from San Fransisco I found myself at the heart of my true destination!


College of the RED WOODS

Sorry that I do not have photos of this part of the visit, but you have to understand that when your in the heart of something as beautiful as students following their dreams and building masterpieces you get a little overwhelmed by it all. In addition to that I felt a little bad walking around asking them questions when they are all so busy trying to complete their final projects for the year! However, if you go to the link above you can see many of the current students pieces. I Can’t wait to see the final photos from this years students!

So bottom line is if you’re looking for a great furniture school I would highly recommend this place! While the school is isolated in a small town it is definitely a town that I for one would prefer to be isolated in! So even if your not into woodworking I would recommend taking a trip to see this town for breath taking views, great wineries, and sweet people!

What a wonderful trip, thanks Casey, Katie, the CR Students/ Staff, Xanadu Gallery Staff and the people of Fort Bragg!

Just wanted to give you a list of sites you can go to find further information about my photos above!

Muir Woods – The beautiful Redwoods

Xanadu Gallery – A Frank Lloyd Wright project

Golden Gate Bridge – Even more beautiful in person

Fort Bragg – A beautiful town with amazing people

Mission Murals – A Spanish tradition lives on

SF Art Work sculpture – Some sculpture is more than just looks!

Transamerica Pyramid – Iconic SF building

Mission Dolores – One of the oldest structures in SF today!


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