A different angle

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Homework day 2:

So after keeping everyone in suspense about what I was taking up close photos of in yesterdays post I have decided to show you what I was taking photos of as promised. Pic #1 This concrete and metal object has two purposes first it is used as a road block however as lunch time starts it because a very nice seat. Pic #2 This heavily patina soaked door is used for transporting criminals from the court house. Pic #3 Sure you knew it was a rock from yesterdays picture but not just any rock it is one of the last untouched hills in NYC. Pic #4 A garden that is maintained at the base of the rock in Pic #3. Pic #5 Bird spikes used to deter pigeons from making a home.

In addition to showing what the objects I was taking photos of I wanted to take this time to show a couple more techniques that I use daily in my photography which significantly helps me to capture interesting photos. From the slide show above I tried to take photos that the average person might take. However, in the second set of photos below you can see how with just a little bit of knowledge you can significantly bring beauty back into your pictures.

The three most important rules that I hold myself to are; I move my body to while looking at the subject to find what I think is the most attractive angle to my eyes, secondly when looking through my camera or screen I split my view into three sections from left to right and normally place the object I want in either left or right section of that diagram and never in the middle, third rule I hold myself to is using natural lines to help bring out the image. These three rules as you can see are evident in the following photos.

As always feel free to leave a reply or impart some of your own knowledge/ experience on photography with me is always welcomed. Until the next assignment, best wishes and happy photography shoots!



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