Who am I

What shapes us to become what we are? I served in the United States military for 10 years and while serving I performed several different duties as a painter, mechanic, electrician, journalist, security, as well as others. And with each new job I undertook I would strive to learn and achieve a high understanding of my job. But shortly after working the job I would lose interest and feel dissatisfied with what I was doing with my life. Sure do miss the money now though; however I have finally found my niche and would not trade it for the world. I suppose all those years playing with Lincoln logs and Lego’s at grandma’s house can be considered preadolescent brain washing. No matter what you call it I am happy that I broke free from the mundane life I existed in and have risked everything on my heart’s desire. Thanks to my wife’s support and fellow furniture relationships I am excited to say that I am looking forward to being a student of furniture making the rest of my life.

“Many people realize their hearts desires late in life. Continue learning, never stop striving and keep your curiosity sharp, and you will never become too old to appreciate life.”
– Unknown Source –

Why I blog

The reason I started blogging is to share my inspirations and my achievements with you hoping that it too would feed your curiosity and push your creativity. I have created my own pieces of furniture yet, but when I do I will encompass metal and lumber to make my furniture. I love the look of industrial and mid-century with a splash of arts and craft and hope that someday I can find a formula to combine all of these wonderful furniture styles and make a style of my own. And I hope that through my blog you will be able to see my work and taste transition over the years.

What/Who Inspires me

There have been a lot of amazing furniture made over the years and some of my favorite designers are not always furniture makers that is why I believe that it takes more than just skill but passion to be a great. So to this day my favorite craftsmen has to be Isamu Noguchi followed closely by Frank Lloyd Wright. However, if we were trading cards like we use to in elementary school I would try my hardest to collect the talents of  Ray and Charles Eames, Hans Wegner, George Nakashima, Santaro Takahashi, Alvar Aalto, Jens Risom, Finn Juhl, Poul Henningsen, Peder Moos, and P. Jeppesen. Just a few of the craftsmen that I am intrigued by, and I am sure as I learn more about furniture I will be adding many more to my card deck.   



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